Cat Breeds

Information on all purebred cat breeds and hybrid cat breeds. Learn more about your favorite cat breeds by perusing our comprehensive list of cat breed profiles. We outline cat breed basics and give you the skinny on what you should know before bringing a new cat home – everything from the history of your breed of choice to common health concerns and what they are typically like to live with.

The independent but loving Sokoke bonds closely to its people and will “talk” to them for hours.
Blue Somali against a pink background
Fans of this breed embrace the Somali’s fun nature, energy bursts and humorous antics.
The Sphynx cat is the result of a natural genetic mutation. Photography ©Casey Elise Photography.
Because of their lack of a coat, the Sphynx need to keep their bodies from losing heat.
11 reasons to talk about the Thai.
It’s not hard to see why the Cymric wins over cat-loving fans, both in the cat fancy and in family homes.
Life with an Exotic is characterized by calmness and quiet admiration.
Tiffanies are gentle, mellow cats who love to spend time just curled up in your lap.
A Tonkinese cat.
Tonkinese don’t take to being ignored and need a lot of attention.
Little body, big heart. Here are 9 things you need to know about the Toybob!
Tiger by looks, lap cat by temperament, the Toyger will leap into your heart with one swipe of her paw.
Turkish Angoras are friendly, intelligent, active cats who enjoy interacting with their human family as well as with other cats.
Turkish Vans thoroughly enjoy games of fetch and are champion swimmers.
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