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Munchkin Maine Coon Cat Mix: Pictures, Info, Temperament & Traits

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Munchkin Maine Coon

Munchkin Maine Coon Cat Mix: Pictures, Info, Temperament & Traits

The Munchkin Maine Coon mix is created by breeding the Munchkin, one of the world’s best-known short-legged cat breeds, and the Maine Coon, one of the largest cat breeds. This odd combination can produce kittens of various sizes.

Breed Overview

Breed Overview


6–16 inches


6–20 pounds


9–15 years



Suitable for:

Any family and homes with other pets


Easy-going, intelligent, playful, and people-oriented

You’ll also find that when crossbred, some of the kittens in a litter may have the short legs of the Munchkin breed along with the large size of the Maine Coon. Let’s take a look at this relatively new mixed breed so you can better understand them and determine if they are right for life in your home.

Munchkin Maine Coon Characteristics

A high-energy cat needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep healthy and happy, while a low-energy cat needs minimal physical activity, but still needs mental stimulation. When choosing a cat, It’s important to ensure their energy levels match your lifestyle.
Cats that are easy-to-train are more willing and skilled at quickly learning prompts and actions with minimal training. Harder-to-train cats are usually more stubborn or aloof and require a bit more patience and practice.
Certain cat breeds are more prone to various genetic health problems, and some more than others. This doesn’t mean that every cat in those breeds will have these issues, but they do have an increased risk, so it’s important to understand and prepare for any additional needs they may require.
Due to their size or potential genetic health issues of a specific breed, some cats have shorter lifespans than others. Proper nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation, and hygiene also play an important role in your cat’s lifespan and quality of life.
Some cat breeds are more social than others, both towards humans and other cats and animals. Cats that are more social have a tendency to rub up on strangers for scratches or jump on laps for cuddles, while cats that are less social shy away, hide, are more cautious, and even potentially aggressive. No matter the breed or gender, it’s important to socialize your cat and expose them to many different situations.

Cat ball divider 1Munchkin Maine Coon Mix Kittens

maine coon kittens
Image Credit: Pixabay

Understanding a little about the Munchkin Maine Coon mix is important before you bring a new kitten home. These cats, no matter which parent breed they take after, are full of energy and want to be around people. You’ll also find that like many other mixed cat breeds, they are relatively healthy. Their average lifespan is 9 to 15 years but they can be with you for up to 18 years when well cared for. Both of these cat breeds are intelligent. When combining them, the result is a smart kitten that needs stimulation to keep from becoming bored.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Munchkin Maine Coon Mix

The Munchkin Maine Coon mix is a mild-tempered cat that will love their families. These cats love to run and play. They even do great with children. Expect to dote on your cat, considering both parent breeds are people-oriented and want their owner’s attention. You’ll have a best friend at your side whose antics and playfulness will leave you in stitches.

Both the Munchkin and the Maine Coon are highly intelligent cat breeds. You’ll find that when mixed, the resulting kittens will most likely be just as intelligent. They will need mental stimulation to keep them from being bored and getting into trouble. Puzzle toys and lots of games are a great way to achieve this. You’ll also find they are easily trained. You won’t have issues teaching these kitties to use the litter box. They may even do a few tricks for you if you’re persistent.

Are These Cats Good for Families? 👪

Yes, these cats are excellent for families. They love people and being social. They also enjoy spending time with and playing with children. It is important, however, as a responsible pet owner, to teach children how to properly interact with these cats so they aren’t harmed or mishandled.

Munchkin Maine Coon
Image Credit: applevinci, Shutterstock

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

In most instances, yes, the Munchkin Maine Coon mix will get along well with other pets. Although these cats are easy-going, it would still be best to socialize them early with pets that are already in the home. This will ensure things go smoothly.

divider-catclaw1 Things to Know When Owning a Munchkin Maine Coon Mix:

Let’s take a look at a few things you should know about this cat breed before you bring them into your home.

Food & Diet Requirements 🐡

Like most cats, Munchkin Maine Coons need high-quality, high-protein cat food. Choosing foods with pure animal protein is your best option. You should also avoid fillers, artificial flavors, and ingredients. Keep this in mind whether you choose to feed your cat kibble or wet food.

maine coon cat eating
Image By: Lita Keire, Shutterstock

Exercise 🐈

The Munchkin Maine Coon mix is naturally active and playful due to the nature of the parent breeds. In most instances, your cat will run and play as they please. However, considering the intelligence of these cats, you’ll need to ensure they have puzzle games and interactive toys to keep their minds occupied. This will help avoid boredom, depression, and acting out.

Training 🧶

If you want to train your Munchkin Maine Coon, you shouldn’t have issues. These cats are highly intelligent. Repetitiveness and food rewards will help encourage them to do tricks or other activities you want them to learn.

Munchkin Maine Coon
Image By: applevinci, Shutterstock

Grooming ✂️

The Maine Coon requires quite a bit of upkeep when it comes to their long hair. As one of the parent breeds for the Munchkin Maine Coon mix, your kitten may inherit this coat. You will need to brush your new kitty’s hair routinely and keep it free of dirt and debris. You’ll also need to keep your new kitty clean, their nails clipped, and their teeth clean and cared for.

Health and Conditions 🏥

As a mixed breed, the Munchkin Maine Coon can inherit issues from both parents. The breeding of Munchkin cats is considered unethical by some people due to the use of a genetic mutation that causes their short-legged appearance. Let’s take a look at other issues you should be aware of when bringing one of these cats into your home.

Minor Conditions
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
Serious Conditions
  • Lordosis (dipping of the spine)
  • Concave chest
  • Heart issues

Male vs Female

You won’t find much difference between the males and females of this breed. They are both loving of their owners and enjoy playing and being active. It is suggested that you get your Munchkin Maine Coon spayed or neutered soon as possible to avoid unwanted kittens.

Munchkin Maine Coon
Image By: applevinci, Shutterstock


3 Little-Known Facts About the Munchkin Maine Coon

1. Their Parents Are Record Breakers

While the Munchkin Maine Coon mix is something of a wonder, both parent breeds are record holders. The world record for the longest cat goes to a Maine Coon named Barivel. He measured an impressive 3 feet and 11.2 inches long. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the shortest cat on record is a Munchkin named Lilieput. She measured only 5.25 inches tall.

2. It’s All in the Name!

Both the Munchkin and the Maine Coon have special names. The Maine Coon is named after the state where the breed originated. The Munchkin is named after the munchkins in The Wizard of Oz, making both parent breeds named after something famous.

3. Not All Kittens Will Have Short Legs

Many who are interested in a Munchkin Maine Coon mix kitten hope for short legs. With crossbreeding taking place, however, nothing is guaranteed. Kittens of this crossbreeding can have short legs, normal legs, or a length in between. It’s impossible to determine which traits kittens will get from the two parent breeds.

tabby maine coon kitten standing on cat furniture platform_Nils Jacobi_shutterstock
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Munchkin Maine Coon mix is an amazing cat to make part of your family. While these cats can inherit traits from both the Maine Coon and the Munchkin, the wonderful nature and loving personality of this breed are always there. These cats make great members of the family and will make you happy to include them in your life. As always, if you decide this is the cat breed destined to join your family, contact a reputable breeder. This mixed breed is not common and should only come from breeders that strive to maintain ethical practices and prioritize the health and happiness of the cats and kittens in their care.

Featured Image Credit: applevinci, Shutterstock

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