Chantelle Fowler

Chantelle is passionate about two things in her life – writing and animals. She grew up on the prairies in Canada surrounded by animals. As an adult, she chooses to share her home with five cats, two guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon. Chantelle, her husband, and their child take great pride in being THOSE kind of animal parents - the ones who spend a thousand dollars on wall-mounted cat shelves so that their cats can have an indoor jungle gym all year round. When Chantelle isn’t snuggling her cats on the couch or taking pictures of them being hilarious, she’s outside exploring in the Rocky Mountains, binging the same shows on Netflix over and over, and reading about whatever random topic pops into her brain. 

bottled water in raw lines

Can Cats Drink Bottled Water? Vet-Reviewed Types & Recommendations

Healthy cats need to drink around four ounces of water per five pounds of body weight daily. This amount will vary though, depending on their diet, activity levels and any underlying medical conditions. Unfortunately, some kitties are very picky and particular about the kind of water they drink and the receptacle they drink from. Since we often

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