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My cat is used to being home all day with my husband as he is retired. We will be away for a week for?

My cat is used to being home all day with my husband as he is retired. We will be away for a week for a family wedding out of state. Will out cat be…

ASKED BY Member 1198603 on 11/9/13
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What carrier should I use for my two cats?

I am moving from NC to WA. I have two kittens. Midnight is 9 months old and Frosty is 6 months old. they are both quite big already. I want to make…

ASKED BY Member 1198011 on 11/6/13
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Can I take my cat outside?

I read on the internet that it's bad to bring your cat outside because they can get diseases and what not. But I just wanna bring him to my…

ASKED BY Member 1196392 on 10/27/13
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Our kittens will be 12/13 weeks old when we go on summer holiday, will they still be young and small enough to take with?

We don't want to leave them with a sitter but we also want what will be safest, make them the happiest! We're planning on keeping them indoors while…

ASKED BY Member 1193551 on 10/8/13
TAGGED kittens, travel, summerholiday IN Car Travel

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Leaving my indoor cat at my in laws for 3 days without me, she loves them but has never been to their house. Bad idea?

We will be with her for the 3 hour ride there, but I am concerned this whole adventure could be upsetting for her and I am reconsidering. Am I…

ASKED BY Member 1193055 on 10/5/13
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I'm going out of town, what to do with my cats?

As a kid we always had cats, and when we left town my parents would just leave large amounts of food and water and litter. Even if we were gone for…

ASKED BY Samson on 9/27/13
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I'll be away for 2 weeks - should Callie stay home with visitors or cove to my sister's?

I'll be away for two weeks in September. Usually my five year old Callie stays with mom, but this time mom's coming with me. My backup just adopted…

ASKED BY Member 1188268 on 9/2/13
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Moving my cat across country: cargo or pet relocation service?

I am moving across country. I've made a vet appointment for Monday to discuss this with him too but I want some additional input. The airline…

ASKED BY Member 1184967 on 8/10/13
TAGGED travel, cat, car, air, relocation, acrosscountry, help IN Travel & Recreation

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