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Advice on moving 4 hours away with two 18 year old cats who don't like car rides?

The vet gave one a tranquilizer before but it only lasted an hour (he didn't want to give him anything stronger because of his age). How should I…

ASKED BY Member 1213329 on 2/4/15
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Our kittens will be 12/13 weeks old when we go on summer holiday, will they still be young and small enough to take with?

We don't want to leave them with a sitter but we also want what will be safest, make them the happiest! We're planning on keeping them indoors while…

ASKED BY Member 1193551 on 10/8/13
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Hey Catster community, I was wondering if anyone knew of any resources to transport owned cats? (Besides planes)?

I recently learned one of my co-workers at the shelter I work at had to leave her cats back home in Maine when she moved here to work. Currently…

ASKED BY Member 1170764 on 5/17/13
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Moving in June from Utah to Missouri with 3 cats, it's a 20 hr car ride. What's the best way to do this?

We will also be taking our 2 dogs. We plan to start about halfway through and stay at a hotel. So I have Hartley who hates car rides, he howls the…

ASKED BY Psy on 1/9/13
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How to calm my cat during a 12 hour car ride?

I have to move and my cat hates car ride. He freaks out. I need tips about how to calm him down during the 12 hour car trip. Thanks, ~Gwen :3

ASKED BY Mr. Michael Whiskers on 9/24/12
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I am moving to spain maybe the end of the year, i've been reading up on things i need to do for my 3yr old cat, to make?

the journey easier for him, should i send him by road, or fly him to spain from england ? thank you

ASKED BY Member 1118471 on 7/1/12
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Should I take my cat on an overnight trip in order to introduce him to his new kitty roommate?

I am planning to move in May to a house about three hours away. The girl I am living with already has a cat. She wants to introduce our cats. She…

ASKED BY Member 1103729 on 4/2/12
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