Moving from Pennsylvania to Florida?

18 hour drive. How long can a cat go without using the litter box? I know they will not go in the car, I don't have the room for a crate, so they…

ASKED BY Napoleon on 6/9/15
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Advice on moving 4 hours away with two 18 year old cats who don't like car rides?

The vet gave one a tranquilizer before but it only lasted an hour (he didn't want to give him anything stronger because of his age). How should I…

ASKED BY Member 1213329 on 2/4/15
TAGGED cartravel, seniorcat, moving IN Car Travel

Baby Harley

I will be moving to Arizona and now live in new jersey........leaving my husband and Harley has been with us since she?

was 4 weeks old. she only knows the two of us and I have never had children so she is my baby. I am torn between putting her on a plane for 5-6…

ASKED BY Baby Harley on 12/28/14
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Any tips on flying with a cat on an airplane in cabin?

Best cat carrier durable for trying to scratch and escape? I was looking at the Sherpa Delta carrier. Calming sprays/treats? (No I will not sedate…

ASKED BY Fiona on 2/21/14
IN Travel & Recreation


Choice of carers when we go on holiday…

We have a lovely 8 year old rescue boy who is very sociable- loves having people around and is very chatty and is in good general health. We are…

ASKED BY Rocky on 1/26/14
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Backpack to carry a cat around - is it safe?

I have seen these little doggie backpacks where there are little holes for the paws and tail, and the head sticks out at the top, and you can carry…

ASKED BY Member 1198149 on 1/19/14
TAGGED travel, backpack, cat, carrying, heavy IN Other Travel & Recreation


Cats who can't handle car rides?

My sisters cat who is about 3 years old is having some serious travel issues. She used to be ok with car rides. But within the last two years…

ASKED BY Oliver on 1/15/14
IN Travel & Recreation

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