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Why cat shed so much even i brush him once a week and him groom profesinally every 3 months.can i use the fuminator?

can the fuminator been use on a sensitive skin cat?

ASKED BY Member 932741 on 9/26/10
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IM problems?

On my See Who's Online page, there is no link to initiate chat - am I doing something wrong? I click on the page and the pictures and status come…

ASKED BY Member 495049 on 3/17/10
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Why am I so Frightened and hide?Why are My pupils Dilated? I vomit and bloat..My stomach hurts.Am sorry for so many ?

I have copd in both lungs.Anne has one lung with scarring.We were exposed to asbestos,and a fine silt-like substance from a malfunctioning ac. I…

ASKED BY Crywolf on 7/18/08
TAGGED vomit, worms, heartmuscle, toxicity, asbestos, copd IN Instant Messaging

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