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Best (or least bad) DRY food for urinary issues?

I already know that it's better to feed wet food. However, my cat won't eat wet food, and I am working on slowly transitioning him. Having said…

ASKED BY Member 1229938 on 7/22/14
TAGGED flutd, urinary, dryfood, cyrstals IN Food & Nutrition

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My kitten butt is red puffy and swollen what can i do to help?

Today,My kitten's butt inflamed, he can't properly sit down on the ground. Even though he an out door cat, when we found him a month ago he poops…

ASKED BY Member 1217298 on 3/21/14
TAGGED puffyredinfamedbuttanuscayennevaselineallergy IN Other Health & Wellness

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06/21/2009 to Catster. Been on Dogster for a while now?

I have a American Bobtail kitten coming around April 6. I also have 5 cocker spaniels. I am making one of the empty bedrooms a playroom for the kitten…

ASKED BY Member 847892 on 3/17/14
TAGGED playroom IN Health & Safety

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How little food is too little?

My little 4 month is sick with URI and lost his appetite. He eats 1.5 ounce wet plus tbs dry twice a day normally, but now will just about get 1/2…

ASKED BY Member 1211370 on 2/2/14
TAGGED foodfeedingsyringeinfectioncoldvirus IN Illness & Disease


2yr old cat losing weight, chances of hyperthyroidism?

2yr old calico, former picky eater, has developed a huge appertite yet is losing weight. Last month her eye was bleeding and we thought another kitten…

ASKED BY Calypso on 1/17/14
TAGGED skinny, weightloss, thyroid, hyperthyroid, hyperthyroidism IN Health & Wellness

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My cat foams at the mouth and drools soon and /or immediately after I put thyroid medication on her ear. What to do?

I phoned the vet with the problem and she seems stumped. Mishka will start foaming immediately after the ointment is put on her ear, so she hasn't…

ASKED BY Member 1188344 on 9/3/13
TAGGED thyroid, vomitting IN Medications

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Has anyone substituted thyroid cat food for methimazole while on vacation?

Hi - my cat has been on methimazole twice a day for her thyroid, but we're going on vacation for a week and it's difficult to find someone to come…

ASKED BY Member 1186933 on 8/24/13
TAGGED thyroid, methimazole IN Health & Wellness

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