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My old friend has had two seizures?

My 17 y/o cat has had two seizures in the last week and a half. After the first one he seemed pretty normal, but today he had a second one and he…

ASKED BY Member 1237859 on 11/22/14
TAGGED yearsold, seizures, verythin IN Senior Pet

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Does my cat have a respiratory infection?

I have noticed sneezing and wheezing in my 2 year old cat, Georgia. She also has some weird clear liquid coming out of her eye. I have seen the liquid…

ASKED BY Member 1236002 on 10/20/14
TAGGED respiratory, infection, disease, cat, eye, eyes, watery, watering, sneezing, wheezing, sneezes, wheezes, pet, years, symptoms IN Illness & Disease


Not ear mites?

When we first got Gwendolyn from a humane society they said they had treated her for ear mites....two days after bringing her home she had black…

ASKED BY Gwendolyn on 3/3/14
TAGGED ears, scabs, earmites, itchyears, scratchingears IN Other Health & Wellness

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My cat licks my Art pencils... help please?

My cat keeps on licking my wordless graphite pencils, when she smells them, she can't stop licking them. She won't stop licking them. I need help with…

ASKED BY Member 1192505 on 10/1/13
TAGGED help, art, cats, yearsold, helpplease, oreo IN Other Behavior & Training

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New cat adoption and brushing?

I just recently adopted a cat that is about 2 years old. I have mild allergies and need to brush her and would like to per her, however she does not…

ASKED BY Member 1182460 on 7/26/13
TAGGED brushing, petting, yearoldcat IN Fears & Phobias

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My cat has been sleeping a lot more than usual, doesn't eat and play much either, what could be the reason?

My cat is 9 years old. Recently she has been sleeping a lot more than before. It seems like she's always sleeping. Before she would come to us at…

ASKED BY Member 1181526 on 7/21/13
TAGGED sleep, eat, food, lazy, cat, adultcat, nineyearsold, urgent, worried, catbehavingdifferently IN Health & Wellness

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