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My CAT is very skinny and old, and even though she can eat she's wobbly and thin, is there anything I can do to help?

I know my cat is very old, stone deaf, and quite wobbly on all fours, but I can't stand putting her to sleep,she can still eat but it can't seem to…

ASKED BY Member 1132189 on 9/23/12
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Post concussion syndrome, or 'wobbly cat'?

She has seen 2 vets, and without an exam they label her sick from distemper while being carried to term. Her whole family looks healthy, mom is feral…

ASKED BY Member 1130491 on 9/12/12
TAGGED concussion, medical, wobblycat, kitten, dizzy, vestibular, vertigo IN Health & Safety

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My husbands cat is wasting away no matter what we do but he isn't in pain, should we have him put to sleep?

My husbands cat is a 17 year old longhaired Tabby/Manx... about 6 months ago he began drinking endless amounts of water, sometimes to the point…

ASKED BY Member 1113338 on 5/30/12
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Update: Help! my cat lost weight rapidly.. I just got back from ER. They took a urine sample and said he has a kidney.…

infection. they gave him hydration (dehydrated even though he's been drinking alot!??) and antibiotic shot that lasts 2 weeks. they said it could…

ASKED BY Zippo on 4/3/10
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There is a (friendly) stray female that hangs around my house. She stretches a lot and is unbalanced. What is this?

I estimate she is about 1 year old. At first I thought the stretching was a nervous habit. She stretches out her back legs and will stay in that…

ASKED BY Jesse on 11/19/09
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My 4 yr old F cat threw up 2 days ago. She has not thrown up since, but has been wobbly when she walks?

She does not go outside, goes to the vet on a regular basis, and I don't think she ate anything bad.

ASKED BY Member 787524 on 1/4/09
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