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Cat having odd symptoms, possible stroke, vet doesn't know what's wrong, anyone experience these symptoms?

Few days ago my cat choked on her dry food twice in one day to the point that I had to hit her side to force the food out. Next day her left eye…

ASKED BY Member 1245368 on 4/17/15
TAGGED stroke, neurologicalissues, twitching, mouthbreathing, oddsymptoms IN Health & Wellness

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My cat suddenly turns aggresive every night and will even bite my family and I. Please help I'm worried about him?

I've had my cat ever since he was 2 weeks old. He's been sweet to everyone in my family, especially my brother and my dad. He's one year old now and…

ASKED BY Member 1217434 on 3/22/14
TAGGED aggressiveatnight, personalityswitch, personalitychanges IN Aggression

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Why does my cat get butt fluffs and try to mate with my pillow?

I have a very hard time understanding this. My calico cat Marble wants to be petted and I'll pet her. Then she purrs and twitches her back. After…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED hump, pillow, fixed, mating, sex, purr, butt, fluff, back, twitch IN Behavior & Training

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My 7 yr old cat has developed a twitch in facial muscles. Also body spasms and nervousness. This is second day?

The cat is male, 7 years old, and normally is very layed back and loving. He acts as though he is scared about something and keeps flitting around the…

ASKED BY Member 1140122 on 11/11/12
TAGGED cattwitching IN Illness & Disease

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Shallow breathing, panting, twitching, stressed?

One of my cats (male tabby short-haired, 14 months) has been suffering from quick shallow breathing for about six weeks. (I also noticed he used to…

ASKED BY Member 1114602 on 6/8/12
TAGGED panting, rapidbreathing, shallowbreathing, twitching IN Illness & Disease


I would love if I could get my cat to eat wet food, advice please?

I am trying to change Tenchi's diet. I believe in that she is an obligate carnivore and should eat raw food, but as a baby step toward that, I want…

ASKED BY Tenchi on 4/9/12
TAGGED switch, dry, wet, transition, flipflop, change, diet, food, iams, fancyfeast, tenchi IN Pet Food

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My cat is throwing up for no apparent reason?

My kitty got fixed 2 weeks ago and since yesterday she has consistently thrown up at 2pm. We feed them the recommended amount of food every day at…

ASKED BY Member 1080665 on 12/29/11
TAGGED kittens, cats, sick, throwup, food, ibs, switching IN Health & Wellness

Izadore (Izzie)

How to switch cats to using a covered box?

Hi, everyone! The "Answer Lady" has a question and hopes that the Catster experts can help. We are moving next week to a much smaller home w/o a…

ASKED BY Izadore (Izzie) on 11/8/10
TAGGED switchtocoveredbox, moving IN Methods of Training

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