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My 10-month-old has an expensive habit.…

Our bubba has taken to chewing on skinny wires lately. I've done a lot of research and we've tried many things: wrapping wires, making sure his diet…

ASKED BY Member 1208324 on 1/8/14
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Coffee Cake

Why is my kitten chewing and swallowing the oddest things?

Coffee Cake has been swallowing yarn, rubber bands, sistal rope and nibbles on wires, cords, shoelaces, my chair, bags and even steals food off my…

ASKED BY Coffee Cake on 2/20/12
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My two 3 1/2 month old male kittens keep biting through wires?

So far it has just been small headphone wires, but I am getting sort of annoyed because I put it up out of reach and they somehow find their way up…

ASKED BY Jin on 5/11/09
TAGGED biting, wires IN Behavior & Training