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Blue Wilderness VS. Wellness cat food (both grain-free)?

I recently switched my 9 month old kitten from Natural Choice to Blue Wilderness kitten food, she eats both wet and dry, because I wanted her on a…

ASKED BY Member 1240691 on 1/13/15
TAGGED food, diarrhea, russianblue, kitten, grainfree, bluewilderness, wellness IN Food & Nutrition

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Overly aggressive player with a bit of a mean streak...what should I do?

I have 4 cats in my home, 2 females and 2 males. My females are older (10 and 6) and my males are almost a year. All neutered and indoors. One of…

ASKED BY Member 1154174 on 2/8/13
TAGGED aggressive, mean, male, female, help, bite, slap, dominant, wild IN Behavior & Training

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Is this normal behavior? Is there any idea how long she might take to get more accustomed with us?

We have some wild cat hanging around the in-laws house and the mother in-law has been feeding the cats (along with other outdoor animals) the wife…

ASKED BY Member 1140750 on 11/15/12
TAGGED accustomed, behavior, wild IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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Will a mother cat adopt another cats kittens?

My family found a kitten in our car.she is about 6 weeks old. We know her mother is a wild cat that lives next door. Now the same mother cat has moved…

ASKED BY Member 1108157 on 4/28/12
TAGGED kittens, wildcats, mothercats IN Shelters & Rescue

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Why has my sweet cat turned into a devil?

i found my kitty in a drain just outside my house... he was very small and scared. he was almost the size of an orange. he grew up sitting on my…

ASKED BY Member 1010851 on 11/6/10
TAGGED crazywilddomesticcatkittenscrathbiteclawmean IN Behavior & Training


HELP! We found 2 male kittens approximately 5 or 6 weeks at this point...One with a boo-boo?

We found 2 male kittens in the bushes (on the main road) last weekend! Their mother got run over by a car & someone told us that there were 5 all…

ASKED BY Dinky on 6/7/10
TAGGED kittens, injured, injury, feral, cat, cats, kitten, male, brothers, wild, scab, scabs, fighting IN Kittens


K i hvae NEVER owned a cat b4 but..…

why is it that cats can either take you or leave you ? they seem to have a more dominent effect over you then a dog would, they could even control…

ASKED BY Luke on 11/6/09
TAGGED wildness IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why is my cat so hyper and how can i stop it?

ok, my cats name is korn, he is about a year old, he is fat, and is crazy-hyper!!! usually at night, he gets on shelfs and knocks stuff off, he runs…

ASKED BY Member 892885 on 9/24/09
TAGGED helpcathypercrazyinsanewild IN Other Behavior & Training

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