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My cat is constantly drooling and he is also opening and closing his mouth for ages... Does anyone know why?

He is almost a year old and goes out a lot, he's been drooling and opening and closing his mouth. When he opening and closing his mouth there is no…

ASKED BY Member 1176673 on 6/23/13
TAGGED drool, cat, help, why, concerned, food, crazy, year, age, unsure, drooling, foam, omg, ew IN Behavior & Training

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Why my cat is bleeding from her stomach and can i do?

my cat is 14 years old, why my cat is bleeding from her stomach and can i do?

ASKED BY Member 1155274 on 2/14/13
TAGGED whymycatisbleedingfromherstomachandcanido IN Health & Wellness

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Why is my cat pooping in box at times and at times pooping on rug?

I keep my 5 year old cat's litter very clean at all times. In the last couple months sometimes she pees and poops and the box and other times she…

ASKED BY Member 1145831 on 12/18/12
TAGGED whydoesshesometimespoopinboxandothertimespooponrug IN Urine Marking & House Soiling


Why does my cat scratch on my door every time I try to go to sleep?

My cat, Kenya never lets me sleep. She either scratches my bedroom door or knocks on it with her body. She never does anything in the daytime, even if…

ASKED BY Kenya on 11/10/11
TAGGED whyismycatsoactiveatnight IN Scratching

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Why does my male kitten put his rump in the air, facing my direction?

I will pet him, and he would rub his cheek on my hand. Then he would face his rump in my direction and sat down with it in the air.

ASKED BY Member 1038633 on 8/3/11
TAGGED rump, kittens, why, behavior IN Behavior & Training


Did we give our cat seperation issues?

We went on vacation for 11 days and we kenneled our dog and left our cat home with a neighbor to feed/groom/watch him. We got home a few days ago…

ASKED BY George on 7/29/11
TAGGED seperation, anxiety, why, areyou, reading, these, tags IN Separation Anxiety

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