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I found whiskas with ingredients which I felt are pretty good. Im not an expert on this but is it good?

The ingredients include: chicken, chicken liver, beef, wheat flour, vegetable protein, colour, thickening agent, salt, vitamins, minerals. From what I…

ASKED BY Member 1221634 on 4/10/14
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What dry cat food do you recommend?

I have four cats total. When I was feeding them Purina Dry Sylvester kept getting hairballs and puking. Now Im feeding them Whiskas Dry and all four…

ASKED BY Sylvester on 10/14/09
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My pet,Cheerio, eats very little and he doesn't poop or pee for the past 3 days.Whats wrong with him?He;s just new?

My pet,Cheerio, Does not want to eat and he doesn't poop or pee for the past 3 days.Whats wrong with him? He seems like he wants to poop by lying on…

ASKED BY Member 548419 on 8/26/09
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