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Blue Wilderness VS. Wellness cat food (both grain-free)?

I recently switched my 9 month old kitten from Natural Choice to Blue Wilderness kitten food, she eats both wet and dry, because I wanted her on a…

ASKED BY Member 1240691 on 1/13/15
TAGGED food, diarrhea, russianblue, kitten, grainfree, bluewilderness, wellness IN Food & Nutrition

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I WANNA ASK ABOUT HER HEALTH AND BEHAVIOUR. its a persian kitten 10weeks old?

hey therei just got a persian kitten i week ago and i got a ready made house for her its a double story with a rectangular big box at the bottom and…

ASKED BY Member 1206986 on 6/25/14
TAGGED healthandwellness IN Other Behavior & Training

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My cat was recently diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and will not eat anything but friskies..…

A few weeks ago is noticed my 3 year old cat looked and was acting very sick. I took him to the vet and she tested his blood and said he had barely…

ASKED BY Member 1201149 on 11/24/13
TAGGED cat, kidneyfailure, renalfailure, friskies, wellness, food IN Illness & Disease

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Kitten not eating?

I have a 12 week old kitten, we adopted him 3 weeks ago. I have been feeding him Wellness wet and dry food. He has not been a huge fan of the dry…

ASKED BY Member 1188598 on 9/5/13
TAGGED wellness, kittennoteating IN Food & Nutrition

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I need help! I have an almost one year old male cat, that i think has jaundice but i dont know if it is more than that?

teddy is weak, and he needs desperate help.

ASKED BY Member 1187992 on 8/31/13
TAGGED health, wellness, poor IN Health & Wellness

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What to expect at the vet's office?

I rescued to cats (sisters from different litters) about a year apart. I didn't have an ABUNDANCE of money at the time, but I knew that my house…

ASKED BY Member 1129039 on 9/3/12
TAGGED vet, vaccine, health, checkup, wellness, price IN Vaccinations

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Powderd or liquid formula to help constipation?

I found my kitten on Tuesday, so I'd of had him for about 6 days now. He is only two weeks old, I think. About two or three. He eats very well every…

ASKED BY Member 1127946 on 8/27/12
TAGGED poop, stimulation, formula, health, wellness, powdered, liquid IN Health & Wellness

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My kitten isn't eating anything! Any suggestions?

Ok, i have a kitten, a few weeks old and she's not eating! I've tried giving her kitten food and she wont eat it. THIS IS URGENT! She wont even eat…

ASKED BY Member 1035061 on 5/26/11
TAGGED kittens, health, food, behavior, wellness IN Health & Safety

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