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Have you seen weight loss or physical signs of health benefits after switching your cat to a canned only diet?

I know that canned food only diets are better for a few reasons. My cat has been on canned food only for about 2 months now and I haven't seen any…

ASKED BY Member 1238259 3 weeks ago
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How can I help my mature, finicky, allergic, and obese cat lose weight?

My cat is a 9 year, 16 lbs domestic house cat that i rescued off the streets when she was only 2 months old. She gained a lot of weight due to free…

ASKED BY Member 1092232 on 9/22/14
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Best things to feed starved cat? And how much, how fast?

I found my way home over 1 yr after I went missing. Mom took me to vet & I am less than 1/2 my weight now, plus my nails are way over grown & very…

ASKED BY Alex on 8/7/14
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How to Stop Excessive Begging From Cat on Diet?

My 8 year old tabby Valen is the sweetest kitty, but the vet informed me that she's getting chubby, and said to limit her food to 1/2 a cup a day of…

ASKED BY Member 1228846 on 6/17/14
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2yr old cat losing weight, chances of hyperthyroidism?

2yr old calico, former picky eater, has developed a huge appertite yet is losing weight. Last month her eye was bleeding and we thought another kitten…

ASKED BY Calypso on 1/17/14
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How much should my cat weigh?

Hi! My cat is around 7 years old. Just figured out that the other cats in my house haven't been giving her a chance to eat food in the morning when my…

ASKED BY Member 1208757 on 1/10/14
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My cat got thin real fast and is acting strangely?

This started about 2 days ago. I started my fluffy kitty started getting real thin, it scared me, she was fine 3 days ago, but in 1 day, she got…

ASKED BY Member 1198453 on 11/9/13
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Is it normal for a new kitten to make an older male cat to put on muscle weight?

I have a 1 year old male cat who is neutered, we've just got him a 4 month old male who is also neutered as company. They love to play together and…

ASKED BY Member 1192387 on 10/1/13
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