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My kitten is almost 4 weeks old. He was developing fine, walking at 3 weeks, but now he cannot stand up on his own?

He is still with his mother, and he doesn't seem any different besides not being able to walk anymore and a bit of weight loss. What should I do?

ASKED BY Member 1247274 on 5/27/15
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My cat gained almost 3 pounds in less than 6 months! HELP?

I adopted my cat July 2014, she weighed a little over 13lbs when I got her. At her first vet visit in October 2104, her weight was down to 12.5lbs. At…

ASKED BY Member 1246907 on 5/19/15
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Cat is o'weight, can't clean butt and is very sore. Does not let us clean her, is on diet, antibiotics. Will it heal?

Took her to vet, prescribed antibiotics and to apply bethadine spray

ASKED BY Member 1241447 on 1/26/15
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Have you seen weight loss or physical signs of health benefits after switching your cat to a canned only diet?

I know that canned food only diets are better for a few reasons. My cat has been on canned food only for about 2 months now and I haven't seen any…

ASKED BY Member 1238259 on 11/30/14
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How can I help my mature, finicky, allergic, and obese cat lose weight?

My cat is a 9 year, 16 lbs domestic house cat that i rescued off the streets when she was only 2 months old. She gained a lot of weight due to free…

ASKED BY Member 1092232 on 9/22/14
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Best things to feed starved cat? And how much, how fast?

I found my way home over 1 yr after I went missing. Mom took me to vet & I am less than 1/2 my weight now, plus my nails are way over grown & very…

ASKED BY Alex on 8/7/14
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How to Stop Excessive Begging From Cat on Diet?

My 8 year old tabby Valen is the sweetest kitty, but the vet informed me that she's getting chubby, and said to limit her food to 1/2 a cup a day of…

ASKED BY Member 1228846 on 6/17/14
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2yr old cat losing weight, chances of hyperthyroidism?

2yr old calico, former picky eater, has developed a huge appertite yet is losing weight. Last month her eye was bleeding and we thought another kitten…

ASKED BY Calypso on 1/17/14
TAGGED skinny, weightloss, thyroid, hyperthyroid, hyperthyroidism IN Health & Wellness

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