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Help, with stray that wants to come in but doesn't?

Hi. I've been feeding a stray tom now for about a year almost we have gone from running away at sight. To purring and hand nudging and feeding at…

ASKED BY Member 1195474 on 10/21/13
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3 year old neutered cat keeps going outside box (pee and poop). What do we do? Have tried everything?

The first time we noticed inappropriate peeing it was when he was sick. He gets hot spots every summer due to environmental allergies (we have been to…

ASKED BY Member 1138091 on 10/29/12
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What is a good way to keep your cats paws warm in winter without using booties or socks?

My cats are outdoor cats most of the time and where we live, (the lovley Minnesota!!(: haha) and there is snow and ice all over the place. We were…

ASKED BY George on 1/21/12
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Do ferile cats know how to keep warm in winter?

I have a stray cat that has been around since this last spring. I worry about her in this weather! She has several barns to sleep in between myself…

ASKED BY Kitty on 12/29/09
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