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Having hard time weaning 31 day old kitten. Currently on KMR 2nd stage. Gobbles down from bottle. Wont eat from bowl?

Orphaned from 2 days old. Has been eating from bottle without problem but seems oblivious to bowl. Teeth are in, eyes are open, very alert, follows…

ASKED BY Member 1228020 on 6/4/14
TAGGED wonteatfrombowl, difficultyweaning, wonteliminateonown, dayoldkitten IN Food & Nutrition

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Kitten taken from litter too early and constantly crying?

Have yet to visit a vet as it has been only three days and work schedule hasn't allowed for it. Just looking for help on raising a kitten 4 to 5 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1192313 on 9/30/13
TAGGED weaning, crying, rescue IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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13 week old kittens still nursing! Should I intervene?

My 13 week old kittens are still comfort nursing on their (recently spayed) mama. Should I intervene by separating them,or let them decide on their…

ASKED BY Member 1140346 on 12/3/12
TAGGED kittens, nursing, weaning IN Behavior & Training

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Mother cat has a temperature, kittens not weaned.…

My cat had kittens 5 1/2 weeks ago. Everything was fine but now the weather has become hot, she was acting strange. We took her to the vets and they…

ASKED BY Member 1121262 on 7/25/12
TAGGED nursing, ill, weaning IN Food & Nutrition


Hard getting "runts" off of the bottle?

I have 8 7wk old kittens. I started to feed them wet mixed with dry and there doing really well except the two littlest one. I have been bottle…

ASKED BY Lil'Miss on 7/10/12
TAGGED bottlefeeding, wetfood, kittenmilk, weaning IN Food & Nutrition

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My cat is 2 years old, its mother was killed before it was weaned and now it drools on me, is there a connection there?

It was given a second mother after its first one died and it was taken away from that cat too early as well. It always drools on and licks my…

ASKED BY Member 1107360 on 4/23/12
TAGGED weaning, drooling, psychology, kittens IN Other Behavior & Training


Should i try my kitten on cat food now?

My queen had her litter on 26th May, the eldest of the kittens has not taken to kitten food at first we had problems trying to wean her and on the…

ASKED BY Bubbles on 7/30/11
TAGGED food, kittens, weaning IN Food & Nutrition

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12 week kitten self nurses. How do I wean her from herself?

I just rescued a 12 week old kitten from a rescue organization 3 days ago. She has been away from her mother for at least 2 weeks. Right from the…

ASKED BY Member 936836 on 6/12/10
TAGGED nursing, selfnursing, nursingonself, weaning IN Other Behavior & Training

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