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How effective is the distemper vaccine?

About 3 weeks ago I adopted a kitten that unfortunately ended up having distemper and only lived for a few days once brought home. He was kept in a…

ASKED BY Member 1231039 on 8/4/14
TAGGED parvo, distemper, vaccine, parvovirus IN Vaccinations

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How little food is too little?

My little 4 month is sick with URI and lost his appetite. He eats 1.5 ounce wet plus tbs dry twice a day normally, but now will just about get 1/2…

ASKED BY Member 1211370 on 2/2/14
TAGGED foodfeedingsyringeinfectioncoldvirus IN Illness & Disease

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How can I help my cat who suffers from chronic upper respiratory infection?

My rescued kitten had pneumonia, followed by a major bout with the caleci virus after a trip to the vet for the pneumonia. She was in isolation for…

ASKED BY Member 1187386 on 8/27/13
TAGGED chronicupperrespiratoryinfection, calecivirus, breathingdifficulties IN Other Health & Wellness

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Has anyone had success with Neopolydex drops (for eyes & nose) for kitten with congestion from a URI?

Ramona is a 10 week old Maine Coon that we just adopted. She has a worsening URI. She had her 3rd vet visit today because her congestion is awful…

ASKED BY Member 1138289 on 10/30/12
TAGGED kittens, viruses IN Medications

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How do I help prevent the spread of calicivirus outside of my home to my friends' cats & caretakers cats?

I have a fully vaccinated since she was a baby 11 year old cat that lost her (and my) beloved life companion very suddenly in June, so I decided to…

ASKED BY Member 1130417 on 9/12/12
TAGGED calicivirus, uri IN Illness & Disease


My Lucy started to cough and now she is sneezing?

Her Vet already checked her last Tuesday, she said that her breathing system was a little bit irritated so she prescribed anti inflammatory. Her…

ASKED BY Gris,Kira&Lucy on 7/29/11
TAGGED allergies, virus, feline, help IN Allergies

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Need more information on "low positive" FeLV test results for a kitten and exposure for another cat?

We just got a new 8 week old kitten from a relative. She was born to a barn cat and raised in the barn with a lot of socialization. We brought her…

ASKED BY Member 1035787 on 6/1/11
TAGGED felv, felineleukemia, virus, testresults IN Other Health & Wellness

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