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Help my kitty's bum is bleeding after going to the vets?

Hi everyone I’m new to here. I’ve just rescued a kitten from the streets a couple of weeks ago. 5 days ago I took it to the vets to get the…

ASKED BY Member 1229240 on 7/4/14
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Why does my kitten vomit every 2nd or 3rd day?

I saw the vet....he gave Zipper a parasite treatment....Strongid Zipper came to my door, scared,a bit wild, hungry and dirty, about 2 Months…

ASKED BY Zipper on 12/17/13
TAGGED vomiting, strongid, prescriptiondietfromthevet IN Health & Safety

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I have a kitten that I just adopted from the local shelter 4 days ago. I took her to the vet 2 days ago to get her felin?

She also had a little sneeze which she didnt have before the trip to the vet.

ASKED BY Member 1199429 on 11/14/13
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Is it necessary to bring kitten to vet after adoption?

I've adopted two kittens at my local SPCA (Montreal) and am a first time pet owner. I'm excited but am wondering if I should bring my two kittens to…

ASKED BY Member 1195946 on 10/24/13
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What I thought was my female cat has a penis but NO balls?

I got my kitten from my friend's cat's litter when she was almost 2 months old, so I know she hasn't been spayed or neutered or anything! She also…

ASKED BY Member 1182904 on 7/29/13
TAGGED car, male, female, unknown, sex, gender, penis, undescendedtesticles, noballs, genitals, hermaphrodite, badvet IN Health & Wellness

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How to deal with a neighbour's careless pet ownership. Call SPCA or mind my own business?

Our neighbours got a kitten around the same time we did. Ours was 8 weeks old when she arrived and theirs (male) appeared to be about 5 or 6 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1174920 on 7/25/13
TAGGED neglect, medicine, veterinarycare IN Animal Welfare

Cinnamon Tabasco

Get Cinnamon to the Vet?

My Cinnamon has an anti-social purrsonality, more so than any other cat I've known, but I need to take her to the vet to at least get nails trimmed…

ASKED BY Cinnamon Tabasco on 7/17/13
TAGGED vet, aggression, nails IN Health & Wellness

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