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Will my cat cope well with someone else while I'm away for a few months?

I adopted my domestic shorthair female cat from the rspca and she's an Amazing cat. She's 2 years old and I've only had her for 3 months. We've…

ASKED BY Member 1231414 on 8/8/14
TAGGED holiday, vacation, trauma, change, personality, health, dsh, domestic, shorthair, cat, behaviour, aggression, aggressive, fear, scarred, emotional IN Aggression

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How do I stop obsessing about leaving for a week on vacation and leaving my cat behind?

Hey! I'm sure this question has been asked to death, but I really need a soundboard right now. So tomorrow I'm leaving on vacation for a week…

ASKED BY Member 1130779 on 7/14/13
TAGGED vacation, separation, anxiety, worry IN Other Travel & Recreation


We go on extended vacations. Our kids are well cared for by a neighbor, but we worry they will pine for us?

The neighbor comes in 2 out of 3 days to feed and water, pets them when she can. We have 4, two young males that keep each other company and two…

ASKED BY Emma on 4/23/13
TAGGED vacations, leavingcatsalone, lonely IN Health & Wellness

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My cat stops eating when i go away, what can i do?

My 4 yr old stops eating when being looked after by my neighboor. He loves her and cuddles and wrestles with her, he still plays actively with 2 other…

ASKED BY Member 1126336 on 8/18/12
TAGGED eating, vacation, away, anorexia IN Separation Anxiety


My neighbor's cat has been left alone for four days. What should I do?

My neighbor has a sweet little kitty who is treated pretty poorly. She is always starving and was very skinny until I started feeding her. The…

ASKED BY Carrot on 2/27/12
TAGGED homealone, vacation IN Health & Wellness


I'm going on 1 wk vacation and thinking of bringing my cat to my daughters new studio apt?

My daughter who recently moved from my apt had bonded with Jenny says she would take the cat but is concerned that there is an open steam heater in…

ASKED BY Jenny on 2/12/12
TAGGED stayingatdaughterswhilemomgoesonvacation IN Travel & Recreation

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