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Why in the last two months is my 3 year old Tabby's fur getting lighter?er?

Kitty Girl was very ill a few months ago with pancreatic illness. We almost lost her. She managed to survive with a lot of vet care and meds. She…

ASKED BY Member 1242831 on 6/2/15
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Please help! Need Advice ASAP?

We got some softpaws on my kitties claws not terribly long ago, but long enough. And she has been quite flustered about it. She does leave them…

ASKED BY Member 1221022 on 11/8/14
TAGGED help, chewing, furless, skin, biting, stress, money, argument, spouse, vet IN Skin Problems


Diego is going Bald! I am pretty sure it is stress related as his skin is not red or inflamed at all.How can I help him?

I think it started to fall out about a month after We got Cleo and I am hoping he gets over it real soon. Diego plays with Cleo now and they have…

ASKED BY Diego on 11/20/12
TAGGED stress, furlossgrooming IN Skin Problems

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My kittens fur fell out, now grown back gray stripped not chocolate brown. Why?

I brought a chocolate coloured queen kitten. She was very sick when I picked her up. Really bad diarrhoea, then in two days her fur started falling…

ASKED BY Member 1140804 on 11/15/12
TAGGED furloss, changeofcolour IN Health & Safety

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My cat seems to discharge a clear odourless fluid after resting but otherwise is very active and healthy any advice?

Female, 4 years old, great apetite, very active, not overweight. she is an indoor cat and not fixed. Its not a great deal of fluid, but constant and…

ASKED BY Member 1134430 on 10/6/12
TAGGED discharge, odourless, colourless IN Illness & Disease


Curly fur?

I adopted a full grown Himalayan about half a year ago and when he came to me he was shaved, now his hair is finally getting longer but as it does…

ASKED BY Wicket on 6/18/12
TAGGED himalayan, curly, curls IN Other Grooming

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I adopted a Persian cat who's whiskers grow curly and into his face/eyes?

They clearly irritate his eyes as he's constantly weeping, and his old owner said she used to clip them to keep them outof his eyes, but cutting a…

ASKED BY Member 1102463 on 3/27/12
TAGGED whiskers, curly IN Grooming

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What cd cause a bald spot in the top of a cat's head after an injury? What cd help hair grow back?

A friend has been feeding a feral cat. A few wks ago she saw he had an injurey on his head. The injury appears to be healing or healed, but now he…

ASKED BY Member 1091452 on 2/11/12
TAGGED injury, furloss IN Health & Wellness

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