My cat is throwing up almost daily?

My cat Bob is about 11 and he has been vomiting a lot recently. almost every day. T first i didn't really worry. Bob has a tendency to eat to fast and…

ASKED BY Bob on 8/19/15
TAGGED vomit, vomiting, throwingup, senior IN Illness & Disease

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I'm too sick to keep my cats - Read before answering?

I have no diagnosis, so I'm not receiving treatment or getting better. Just unbelievably sick and hardly able to clean their litter boxes much less…

ASKED BY Member 1248551 on 6/26/15
TAGGED sick, hopeless, separation, givingup, adoption, guilty IN The Catster Website

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My cat keeps throwing up?

Ok so we brought home a kitten a week ago, and he seems to be settling in perfectly fine, but our resident cat, who is 7, does not like him. Since…

ASKED BY Member 1246314 on 5/8/15
TAGGED throwup, help, new, kitten IN Illness & Disease

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Why does my cat wake me up early every morning?

My cat wakes us up by scratching underneath the bed at 4am every morning. He thinks it's a game and loves to be chased. He bolts out of the room…

ASKED BY Member 1240043 on 1/3/15
TAGGED aggression, wakingup, chasing IN Other Behavior & Training

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Please help!!,one of my dumbels slipped out of my hands when I was doing lunges and fell on my cat his pupils are uneven?

Please help!!,so one of my dumbels slipped out of my hands when I was doing lunges and my cat was running through the room and it fell on the cat it…

ASKED BY Member 1238282 on 11/30/14
TAGGED help, pupils, emergency IN Health & Wellness

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Catster won't let me upload photo of my cat?

Every time I try to upload a picture of my cat, I get this message: "Dang! There was a problem reading the file." I have tried the file in both .jpg…

ASKED BY Member 1079701 on 11/20/14
TAGGED photos, error, upload IN The Catster Website

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Tortoise she'll has turned aggressive and keeps attacking me and my dad! Please help us?

Last night I had some cat videos up on YouTube, which did not bother my tortoise shell at all and it never has. I then clicked on another video and…

ASKED BY Member 1236587 on 10/31/14
TAGGED tortoiseshell, cat, help, please, aggressive, clawing, biting, hurting, terrified, upset, scared, spraying, aggression, help, help, help IN Aggression

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