My cat Fay is terrified of the ceiling fan, she wont come out from under the bed as long as its on?

Any ideas on how to help her not fear the fan? I dont want her to spend the summer under the bed.

ASKED BY Fay on 5/11/14
TAGGED fear, hiding, ceilingfan, scared, underbed IN Fears & Phobias

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My cat is meant 2 b indoors but she keeps escaping! She is a shy cat so any ideas on how to get her out from under house?

My cat has escaped our house and is under our house. She is a very shy cat and can be hard to grab. Any tips or ideas for getting her out and…

ASKED BY Member 1148618 on 1/6/13
TAGGED catstuckunderhousehowdoigetherout IN Adoption & Rescue

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Am I underfeeding my cat? please help?

I recently got a lovely little male, 2 year old cat. He weighs 3.6kg. I've been feeding him one pouch of Felix in the morning at 7am and then one in…

ASKED BY Member 1129403 on 9/5/12
TAGGED felix, food, nutrition, underfeeding, kg IN Food & Nutrition

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Non-social siamese is now peeing on couch. How do I get her to stop?

We adopted a siamese about a year or more ago. We had 2 other cats and 2 small dogs. She was nice until she became an adolescent. She has clawed…

ASKED BY Member 1118083 on 6/28/12
TAGGED siamese, urine, scared, hiding, underbed, nonsocial IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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How can i understand my cat?

i try so hard to understand her and get her to understand me but its just doesnt work she is a calico cat so maybe its her personality idk ples help

ASKED BY Member 1099957 on 3/14/12
TAGGED understanding IN Socialization


My cat throws up her food all the time, and is under weight, should i be concerend?

This is my first cat, she's almsot a year old, and she's very small for her age. I feed her dry food and give her a treat everyday. I havn't brought…

ASKED BY Kitty on 2/3/12
TAGGED underweightcat IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Is it normal for a 10 month old cat to weigh 6 pounds?

She is a female, she eats 3 times a day ( wetfood ) and always has hard food. She is NOT spayed.

ASKED BY Member 1080239 on 12/28/11
TAGGED underweight, weight, cat, kitty, months, pounds IN Health & Wellness

Simba (Proud Father of three k

Do cats understand us?

The other day my cat and I were in a room alone. So I told him a few things I can't tell people about. This isn't what I did for the first time…

ASKED BY Simba (Proud Father of three k on 12/25/11
TAGGED understanding, talking, noddingcats IN Socialization

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