Are we Turkish Angora's?

I know my little kitties are not pure-bred Turkish Angora's, but am wondering if they appear to be partly Turkish Angora's to anyone else on. They…

ASKED BY Oliver on 1/7/13
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Can someone tell me the best way to figure out the best insurance plan for a cat? 2-3 yr. Turkish Angora?

I am considering Petsecure because I can get a discount through my employer. I guess I should find out the typical costs of veterinary fees to compare…

ASKED BY Nyangpyo on 6/5/12
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Bruce Lee

My Turkish Angora cat "Bruce Lee" has been neutered but attacks all the other cats in the block, what can I do?

I have to take him out on his lead all the time (and he doesn't mind this at all) so I can get him back if he sees the other cats otherwise he just…

ASKED BY Bruce Lee on 3/18/10
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Can a turkish angora be randomly born to a mixed breed cat?

I read a description of the "turkish Angora" and it fits my cat "to a T." his mother is a domestic s/h and the father is unknown, Could it have…

ASKED BY Member 775797 on 12/2/08
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