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Gave my cat supermarket brand flea treatment didn't work?

I gave my cat the super market flea treatment ( apparently only for use to keep fleas off nother to kill them? very silly) anyhow I ended up giving my…

ASKED BY Member 1142242 on 11/25/12
TAGGED fleatreatment IN Health & Wellness

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I have been fighting a ringworm outbreak with my barn cats. They have been getting treated?

Ringworm Advice for outdoor only cats baths not possible.

ASKED BY Member 1134502 on 10/6/12
TAGGED ringworm, treatment, outdooronly IN Health & Wellness

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I have 2 indoor cats that have fleas bad. I want to use a product "diatomaceous earth" on them for this?

I have heard wonderful things about this natural product which is a product made from shells and crustations. It is safe for pets as well as humans…

ASKED BY Member 1122485 on 7/25/12
TAGGED fleas, treatmentof IN Health & Wellness


Can people overcome cat allergies?

Hi! I just adopted a kitten and ever since I have had a rash on my chest and arms. No sneezing or any other symptoms. I have had cats all my life- and…

ASKED BY Bullseye on 5/2/12
TAGGED kitten, allergies, adopted, symptoms, treatment, dander, irritants, itch, scratch IN Allergies

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What to do ?my cat ingested drop of dettol(antiseptic liquid) and also it entered in the eyes of her?

small quantity of dettol entered in the eyes of my cat it meaowed for a while and started licking by that, foam came out of her mouth.i am tensed, i…

ASKED BY Member 1093206 on 2/18/12
TAGGED dettolingested, enteredineyes, unabletoopeneyesfully, treatment IN Illness & Disease

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My cat is 5 months old from two months she is suffering from gas problem i gave her gelusil 1/4th tablet but no change?

She is normal.Her stomach is bloat. If we touch her stomach she feels pain. Please give me such suggestions about that problem.

ASKED BY Member 1044667 on 8/9/11
TAGGED gasproblem, cat, treatment IN Other Health & Wellness

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My 17yr old cat has an infection in her tooth and she is in alot of pain what do u recommend i could do for her to help?

my 17yr old cat has an infection in her teeth that is so bad it has deformed the hole side of her face. she is in pain all the time it drains this…

ASKED BY Member 1017120 on 12/29/10
TAGGED tooth, infection, treatment IN Dental Care

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