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My cat rubs her nose raw by pushing against the mesh sides of her carrier. How to prevent this from happening?

She tends to get stressed out in the carrier and pushes her head against the sides of the carrier. This makes her nose raw; it even started bleeding a…

ASKED BY Member 1249234 on 7/12/15
TAGGED carrier, travel, nose, bleeding, stress IN Other Behavior & Training

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Can indoor cats be transitioned to being barn cats at a new house?

We have 5 cats and we want to keep the kitties from destroying things like they did in the last house and we thought that providing them with a barn…

ASKED BY Member 1248807 on 7/1/15
TAGGED travel IN Travel & Recreation


Moving from Pennsylvania to Florida?

18 hour drive. How long can a cat go without using the litter box? I know they will not go in the car, I don't have the room for a crate, so they…

ASKED BY Napoleon on 6/9/15
TAGGED travel, litterbox, scared IN Travel & Recreation

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We go south in winter,cat breathes too fast(NOT PANTING). tried many meds.Now Amitriptyline. Anyone had this problem?

We've worked with our vet. Meds either are too strong or make her relax.. then VERY INQUISITIVE..then they wear off too soon. Have tried…

ASKED BY Member 1244060 on 3/20/15
TAGGED travelanxiouscatbreatheswaytoofast IN Car Travel

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Is there an average lifespan of Maine Coons? I rescued a big female one stormy night. I don't know her age,seems young?

On 1.30.15 I heard a cat relentlessly crying outside on a very stormy night. Thinking it was an apt. neighbors cat, I ran outside to bring him in…

ASKED BY Member 1243922 on 3/18/15
TAGGED cartravel, alwaysshed, bathing IN Car Travel

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Advice on moving 4 hours away with two 18 year old cats who don't like car rides?

The vet gave one a tranquilizer before but it only lasted an hour (he didn't want to give him anything stronger because of his age). How should I…

ASKED BY Member 1213329 on 2/4/15
TAGGED cartravel, seniorcat, moving IN Car Travel

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4.5 hour ride and a sick cat. How can I make him comfy and feel better? Vet visit has been made already. One in future?

12/19: 3.5 hour drive-seemed fine 12/21: intro of new kitten, little hissing, playing and cuddling by 12/22 12/22: vomit seen from cat grass…

ASKED BY Member 1240147 on 1/4/15
TAGGED gas, lethargic, travel IN Emergencies & First Aid

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