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Cattail in the cat litter?

I have a Birman (possibly mixed), medium longhair, approx. 9-12 mo. old, adopted 2 mos. ago. I've been using Dr. Elsie's Precious crystal litter for…

ASKED BY Member 1197837 on 11/5/13
TAGGED catlitter, taildragging, litterboxtraining, soiledtail IN Pet Products

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My male cat keeps biting my female cat on the neck and back?

Both cats are fixed. About 2 yrs old. Doesn't seem like he is hurting her because she is not hissing. She seems annoyed. Why is he doing this and…

ASKED BY Member 1192025 on 9/28/13
TAGGED biting, training IN Other Behavior & Training


Can you bring a cat to a public park (in upstate NY, to be specific) where dogs aren't allowed?

I want to start leash-training my cats, but I live on a busy main road where there are too many cars/dogs/people/questionable things on the ground…

ASKED BY Monti on 9/25/13
TAGGED park, leashtraining, leashes, rules, laws, parklaws, publicparks IN Laws & Legislation


How to train a hyperactive bengal?

Loki is as mischievous as his name implies. If mommy is doing anything, he wants to 'help'. As much as I enjoy it, some activities are no-nos, such as…

ASKED BY Loki on 9/23/13
TAGGED bengal, kitten, training IN Methods of Training

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New kitten being mean to older cat?

We just got a 5 month old kitten a few months ago. He is so sweet and so playful, but he is so aggressive towards our older 9(approx.) year old female…

ASKED BY Puss Puss on 8/6/13
TAGGED kitten, cat, behavior, training IN Behavior & Training

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Does anyone have any tips for training cats when using a wi-fi fence?

Here is a story for those thinking about a wi-fi fence for your cat! We have 5 cats and 1 dog.. Our next door neighbor complained about one or more…

ASKED BY Member 1182796 on 7/28/13
TAGGED cat, wififence, training IN Other Behavior & Training

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