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Urinary tract infection, should my cat have difficulty peeing after having a catheter overnight?

My cat had a urinary blockage. He went to the clinic yesterday they kept him over night and inserted a catheter; the vet said that he thinks he should…

ASKED BY Member 1218749 on 3/28/14
TAGGED senior, urinarytract, catheter, postcatheter, peeingdifficulties IN Illness & Disease

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HELP my cat has recently had a mood change. more info in detail?

I have a 2-3 yr old male neutered cat. he recently started to pee everywhere so we took him to the vet. turned out he had a urinary tract infection…

ASKED BY Member 1153821 on 2/5/13
TAGGED behavioral, urinary, tract, infection IN Health & Wellness

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My cat still has lesions and ulcers in his mouth after the full mouth extraction...Need Help.…

Hello, I have 6 years old male siamese cat. He has diagnosed with stomatitis 15 months ago. I tried everything but nothing worked. So he had full…

ASKED BY Member 1111249 on 5/17/12
TAGGED felinestomatitis, fullmouthextraction IN Dental Care

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9 Year old cat, one large pupil one regular, why?

My cat is now nine years old, he was a kitten off the street so he has had health issues, but now his pupils don't act uniformly. One pupil retracts…

ASKED BY Member 1103159 on 3/30/12
TAGGED eye, pupil, depthperception, expansion, retraction IN Health & Wellness

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Cats and Parvo?

So my friend called me the other day and told me that her dog had contracted Parvo. She was very upset and had sanitized her whole house but was…

ASKED BY Cow and Bahji on 6/24/11
TAGGED parvo, vaccinations, illness, contract IN Emergencies & First Aid

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2 yr. spayed cat, blood in urine, vet three times, anti/bio, acts fine, plays and is very loving, pees out of box?

This has been happening off and on for five months. No other symptoms, no fever, doesn't show any signs of pain or discomfort. Could cranberry…

ASKED BY Member 1002662 on 9/1/10
TAGGED blood, urine, cranberryextract IN Health & Wellness

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My cat won't stop scratching her neck, and one of her claws won't retract...what's wrong?

I don't know what to do - Her wound has been there for a few weeks, and it's getting worse and she's losing more hair because she keeps scratching and…

ASKED BY Member 988563 on 5/23/10
TAGGED neck, scratch, claw, retract IN Skin Problems

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