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Siamese or Tonkinese Breed?

Hi, I have a two Siamese Cats, i believe they are siamese until i showed them to my friends and they told me that my Cats are Tonkinese cats. I…

ASKED BY Member 1139397 on 11/6/12
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Adopting 2 Tonkinese females from breeder - she told me 2 kitties are best as they will be inside cats. Is this true?

I lost my 15yr old Siberian cat due to a brain tumor 4 months ago, and really wanted a new buddy. I fell in love with the Tonkinese breed, and am…

ASKED BY Member 1126664 on 8/20/12
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Al aka Alamo Schmo forever lov

Do cats eat the same amount? I eat more than Willow and am getting bigger (not fatter, just bigger)?

I'm a Tonk and Willow is a dainty DSH. Is it ok for me to eat more than her? Mum wants to know if anyone has used the specialist Siamese kibbles as…

ASKED BY Al aka Alamo Schmo forever lov on 10/7/08
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Al aka Alamo Schmo forever lov

Am I "Sable"?

I'm a lovely dark brown colour, as you can clearly see.. but I dont know if this colour is called Sable or Mink or what..!

ASKED BY Al aka Alamo Schmo forever lov on 8/11/08
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My 1.5-year-old Tonkinese is out of control. Help?

My Toby came from the SPCA. His previous owner had neglected him, letting him do whatever he wanted. I knew it would take a lot of work, and I was…

ASKED BY Toby on 6/30/08
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