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My beautiful burmese siblings of the opposite sex all of a sudden are not getting along what do I do?

my burmese cats are siblings and they have ALWAYS been close with each other and me. They both would curl up on my bed with me and are very loving…

ASKED BY Member 1230262 on 7/25/14
TAGGED fighting, eachother, hissing, upset, siblings, burmese IN Aggression


Where can I get a pair of wings for my Zsa Zsa who passed on June 7, 2014?

When my Romeo passed, someone made him a pair of wings for the Rainbow Bridge. My Zsa Zsa since passed on June 7, 2014. Is there anyone out there…

ASKED BY ZSA ZSA "In Loving Memory" on 6/27/14
TAGGED angelwingsfortherainbowbridge IN Local Spots & Services

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Dealing with blindness in a cat?

Tigger has had one eye removed due to Glaucoma and in the future might lose the other eye. If that happens do you think that it is fair to keep Tigger…

ASKED BY Member 1172429 on 6/14/14
TAGGED wheneuthenasiaistobeconnsideredifpetisblind IN Other Health & Wellness

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Urinary tract infection, should my cat have difficulty peeing after having a catheter overnight?

My cat had a urinary blockage. He went to the clinic yesterday they kept him over night and inserted a catheter; the vet said that he thinks he should…

ASKED BY Member 1218749 on 3/28/14
TAGGED senior, urinarytract, catheter, postcatheter, peeingdifficulties IN Illness & Disease

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My 5 year old cat has asemetrical lumps on either side of his spine back by his haunches. Can ANYONE help me define wha?

I asked this question 2 days ago. Might the reason that I haven't gotten a response because nobody knows what these lumps may be?

ASKED BY Member 1209896 on 1/18/14
TAGGED awemetricallumpsoneithersideofspinebackbyhaunches IN Health & Wellness

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