Fleas! Cat and Kitten are still itching after treatment?

My kitten brought a pleasant surprise of tape worms and fleas with her, when we brought her home. It took us a month before we figured either of these…

ASKED BY Benz on 12/11/12
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Is it common for a cat with tapeworms to have very loose stools and put them anywhere around the litter box but in it?

we gave him pills from petco for the tapeworms. its been 3 days and he still won`t poop in the litter box, he just pees in it. i`m worried because his…

ASKED BY Member 1071518 on 1/8/12
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Greenlee (In Loving Memory)

Dumb question that i should know the answer to- how do cats get tapeworms?

my sisters cat gizmo, passed away a few days because of a case of intestinal tapeworms, it was too late by the time she was diagnosed, they had to…

ASKED BY Greenlee (In Loving Memory) on 3/21/10
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Tapeworms (again!) - how to prevent?

How do I prevent tapeworms in my cat? I have him on Advantage, brush his fur, vacuum and sweep the apartment (2-3x a week), wash his food bowls…

ASKED BY Leon on 3/8/09
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