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How many meows a day? Need data please?

Please help! How many times does your cat meow from when you weak up until you go to sleep at night? I need data for my science project "Cats…

ASKED BY Member 1168606 on 5/5/13
TAGGED meows, meow, vocalization, speak, talk, speaking, talking, noise IN Behavior & Training

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Are my cats playing or fighting?

I have had one 3year old female rescue cat (RIA) for a while now and have recently introduced a same aged male rescue cat (Percy)... at first ria…

ASKED BY Member 1156872 on 2/25/13
TAGGED rescuecats, chasing, playing, talking, batting, growling IN Socialization

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My tom cat has always been a talker he now walks threw the house saying hello all hours and sprays every where we have 2?

spraying ever place he can... constantly talking... only changes a kitten one of his born an a pup passed

ASKED BY Member 1108981 on 5/3/12
TAGGED excessivetalking, excessivespraying IN Noisiness

Simba (Proud Father of three k

Do cats understand us?

The other day my cat and I were in a room alone. So I told him a few things I can't tell people about. This isn't what I did for the first time…

ASKED BY Simba (Proud Father of three k on 12/25/11
TAGGED understanding, talking, noddingcats IN Socialization


How to discourage stalking/biting of legs and feet?

I have 3 cats, 2 girls (Electra, 1 y.o. & Flame, 15 y.o.) and 1 boy (Gus, about 9-10 months old). This concerns Gus. He was adopted on Mother's Day to…

ASKED BY Gus on 7/5/11
TAGGED aggression, stalking, biting, feet, legs IN Aggression

Madison Jewels (RIP)

Are we bonding or is it something else?

Okay so, I've been trying to bond more with my cat of four years, I've been taking care of her fully, for about two months. Ever since school let out…

ASKED BY Madison Jewels (RIP) on 7/23/10
TAGGED madison, cat, meowing, talking, vocal, behavior, care, affection IN Behavior & Training


Male vs Male cat behavior. Please help?

Hi everyone, Calvin ( 3 yrs, neutered male, declawed-rescued) is my cat of 1.5 years. Over the last 6 months Calvin has stayed with my parents…

ASKED BY Calvin on 2/1/10
TAGGED male, aggressive, stalking, hissing, growling, introducing IN Behavior & Training

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What does it mean when i talk to my cat and he keeps using different meaowing sounds like he is really saying something?

my cat keeps meowing in different tones when we talk to him, as long as we keep talking, he just keeps going on and on with different sounds that…

ASKED BY Member 938022 on 1/13/10
TAGGED talking, chattering, differentmeows IN Behavior & Training

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