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Hello, I have 1:500 25,000mg equivalen cranberry extract supplement. Can I safely give my cat 1/500 of my pill to cats?

Hello, I have a bottle of 1:500 cranberry extract supplement for myself. A pill of the same supplement has 25,000mg equivalent of cranberry (and…

ASKED BY Member 1233806 on 9/10/14
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My cat, Baby, refuses to eat food if it is chopped ahead of time, even if I freeze it right away. I am not sure why?

Baby is a senior Siamese (13 years old), as are my other cats (a 14 year old Ragdoll, a 14 year old Maine Coone, and a 12 year old orange tabby), so I…

ASKED BY Member 1222086 on 4/12/14
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Safest raw meats to feed instead of wet canned food?

What are the safest raw meats to feed cats instead of canned wet food? This would be a supplement to dry food. Our cat gets 2 small wet meals a day…

ASKED BY Mo on 2/22/14
TAGGED food, wet, wetfood, feeding, supplement, raw, feeding IN Food & Nutrition


Supplements for Fur and Skin?

I recently posted a blog under my series "Feline 101" which covers common cat skin and fur issues and the highest rated, safe supplements to support…

ASKED BY Juno on 10/2/13
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Kitty Boy

Has anyone tried Del-Immune V for their FIV positive kitties?

I just ordered Del-Immune V from a natural pet store and wondered if anyone else has used this and if so, what results they had.

ASKED BY Kitty Boy on 9/10/12
TAGGED immune, supplement, delimmunev IN Health & Wellness

Scmitty Admiral Ackbar Robbins

Is my sister's cat willie sick?

Willie is a 3 year old mixed breed short hair. born healthy, but with 1 sealed eye and malformed nose. He has no trouble eating, breathing, or with…

ASKED BY Scmitty Admiral Ackbar Robbins on 3/29/12
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Can i give my kittens a vitman supplement thats made for adult cats?

I found a vitman supplenment i wanna give my cats and i was wondering i can give my kittens the supplement thats made for adult cats?

ASKED BY Member 913591 on 2/15/10
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Tootsie (Bravest angel of all)

Are there any bad effects to using Lysine supplements?

We were going to adopt a kitten from our local shelter, when they took her out of the cage, they noted that she had an URI, and instead of taking…

ASKED BY Tootsie (Bravest angel of all) on 7/23/09
TAGGED lysine, supplements, liverfailure IN Health & Wellness

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