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How to accommodate a new cat on a rooftop unit?

I just moved with my bf to a rooftop unit on the sixth floor in Taipei. The place comes with a very big rooftop terrace (650sqt) with a sturdy…

ASKED BY Member 1233132 on 8/31/14
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Our kittens will be 12/13 weeks old when we go on summer holiday, will they still be young and small enough to take with?

We don't want to leave them with a sitter but we also want what will be safest, make them the happiest! We're planning on keeping them indoors while…

ASKED BY Member 1193551 on 10/8/13
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How do you keep a cat cool during the summer heat?

My cat is a double-coated, black/white 4-year-old and she doesn't seem to like the things that other people say that cats like to be cooled down with…

ASKED BY Thumper on 7/14/12
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