Female cat spraying after brother's surgery - help?

My boy cat, Linocln has had a lot of vet visits and a surgery in the last three weeks and his sister Loxley is not happy about it. I have separated…

ASKED BY Loxley on 8/9/14
TAGGED spraying, reintroduction, stress, surgery, urination, marking IN Behavior & Training

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How do I prevent my sick cat from being attacked by my roommate's healthy cat?

I moved in 4 months ago with my roommate. I have an 11 yr old male, she has a 2 year old female. When he was healthy their fights/playing was fine…

ASKED BY Member 1211260 on 1/29/14
TAGGED chronickidneydisease, fighting, environmentalstress IN Behavior & Training


Should I just take off my cat's collar?

I bought my 3 year old, indoor-only rescue cat a breakaway collar with a bell yesterday. When I first put it on, I left it quite loose, and he…

ASKED BY Thomas on 10/25/13
TAGGED collars, newcollar, hiding, stress IN Behavior & Training

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What to do about older cat; He acts weird with new kitten around?

The girlfriend and I got a new kitten; She is about half a year old. We were very careful because her roomate (they share a 2 bedroom apartment) has a…

ASKED BY Member 1193307 on 10/7/13
TAGGED integration, newcat, jealous, anxious, stress IN Socialization

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What to do with a scared/aggressive cat?

I got Frida from a shelter and I believe that a former family hit or otherwise hurt her. She flinches and runs away if I move too quickly. She also…

ASKED BY Member 1181012 on 7/18/13
TAGGED aggression, behavior, stress, fearful IN Behavior & Training

Tonks and Mac

Help! I think my cat is stress eating?

We have 2 cats, Tonks, who is 16.2 lb and Mac who is 10.8. Mac and Tonks are brothers and have been together since birth, they are on a scheduled…

ASKED BY Tonks and Mac on 7/10/13
TAGGED puppy, stress, over, eating, too, much, cat, food, dog, neglected, worried, fearful, scared, siamese, exercise, fat, obese, weight, large IN Obesity

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My son & I are moving into a smaller place with 4 cats & I'm worried about them getting along in a smaller territory?

1 cat is a female age 6,the boys are all 2 yrs old, & all are fixed. The female has moved before with no problems, but this is the only home the…

ASKED BY Member 1178857 on 7/6/13
TAGGED moving, peeing, territory, spraying, stress IN Behavior & Training

Buddy or Blackie

I found a female cat/kitten she is crying endlessly at the window. Is she in heat?

She's so tiny and they just threw her outside. She cries so loud,I hope she doesn't spray. Is this a possibility? I just want to help her. Get her…

ASKED BY Buddy or Blackie on 1/30/13
TAGGED catindistress IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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