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FeLV signs?

I recently adopted a stray cat off the street. She looks like she's probably 6 or 7 months old. At youngest, maybe 5. She's very friendly. With a…

ASKED BY Member 1190485 on 9/18/13
TAGGED stray, felv IN Health & Wellness

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Should I walk my cats?

I adopted two little kitties from a family friend and they are both spayed and up to date on their shots. I want to keep their lives as interesting…

ASKED BY Member 1186887 on 8/23/13
TAGGED play, obese, fun, boredom, walking, outdoors, strays IN Exercise

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How do you coax a stray cat to eat in a multicat household with no seclusion? (Cat's choice)?

I took in a stray cat 2 days ago. She goes absolutely mental when I try to shut her in my very small bathroom (think the size of a small cupboard…

ASKED BY Member 227891 on 7/22/13
TAGGED stray, eating, multicat IN Other Behavior & Training

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I have a 4 month old who's not socializing, I got bad advice which turned the cat aggressive. Can I regain his trust?

He was adopted from a shelter and was a stray that experienced very little human interaction and i have the feeling that all his experiences have been…

ASKED BY Member 1181280 on 7/19/13
TAGGED scared, angry, undo, training, socializing, stray, hiding IN Socialization

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A stray cat had 4 kittens behind my barn, been feeding them for 3 weeks, all of a sudden they are gone. What happened?

The mother hisses at us sometimes but always eats the food we give her. She will come within 3 feet of us. She has been bringing her own food to the…

ASKED BY Member 1177543 on 6/29/13
TAGGED straycat, kittens, outside IN Other Kittens

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A stray I trapped in the house during snow was ok inside for 3 days but is now retreating to the basement. What do I do?

I've been feeding her for 1.5 yrs. She was in my house twice b/4-2 nights each time but kept trying to get out and was yelling. She has her own new…

ASKED BY Member 1155214 on 2/14/13
TAGGED straybehaviorinsidehouse IN Behavior & Training

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There is a stray cat outdoors that has been living in our backyard for a long time. What should I do? I love the cat?

OK, I am facing a very big dilemma. I have a stray cat in my backyard that has been coming here for about 3 years now. When we have leftover food…

ASKED BY Member 1151651 on 1/24/13
TAGGED stray, cat, outside IN Adoption & Rescue

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Just took in a stray cat. How do we integrate new cat with old dog?

ASKED BY Member 1150481 on 1/17/13
TAGGED introducingnewstraycattoolddog IN Behavior & Training

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