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Newly adopted 1.5 year old cat will not eat. Xray shows all intestines pushed to one side. Anyone experience this?

At the shelter, they told me she had not been eating but had started to eat. Turns out, this was not the case. She has acclimated 100% well to my…

ASKED BY Member 1216182 on 3/15/14
TAGGED anorexicanorexiaanxietynoteatingstomachfoodintestinesnewcatshelter IN Health & Wellness


Advice for a worried mom of a sick kitty. Please help?

My 13 year old kitty and I are desperate for help from anyone who might have some advice. Scout is what the vet always called a chronic vomiter…

ASKED BY Scout on 12/23/13
TAGGED stomach, vomiting, sickness, health IN Illness & Disease

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Should I be able to feel my male cat's genitalia?

I own an almost three year old tabby & siamese mix. He eats regularly scheduled meals and is pretty active. For the most part, he's a happy cat…

ASKED BY Member 1188896 on 9/7/13
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Why my cat is bleeding from her stomach and can i do?

my cat is 14 years old, why my cat is bleeding from her stomach and can i do?

ASKED BY Member 1155274 on 2/14/13
TAGGED whymycatisbleedingfromherstomachandcanido IN Health & Wellness

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Why does my kitten have a spot on his tummy that makes a weird liquid sound when touched?

So we just got him a month ago. Yesterday he has feeling very sore and tired, breathing heavy. And now he's up again bit there's this spot on his…

ASKED BY Member 1073828 on 11/28/11
TAGGED stomachsick IN Health & Wellness

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How can I ease my cat's discomfort when she is in heat? (I'm working on finding a good vet to get her fixed)?

When she is in heat, she seems like she is having light stomache cramps and discomfort. The only thing I can think to distract her from that is…

ASKED BY Member 1064067 on 10/17/11
TAGGED stomachecramps, discomfort, inheat IN Alternative Treatments

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