How can I stop my cat from stealing food from my son's plate?

Beau is approximately five months old, and is a food thief. We keep food in the kitchen secured away from our two young cats, but Beau steals right…

ASKED BY Beau on 12/16/13
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My cat puts stuff in his?

MY cat steals random things from me; I.e; Hair ties, sunglasses. and puts them directly into his water dish and cries til i take them out; then once i…

ASKED BY Zombie; on 3/9/12
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How do I stop my cat stealing food from my plate?

My kitten Lottie is 5 months old, we have a n older cat Vince who is two years old. Vince has always meowed for food whenever you go in the kitchen…

ASKED BY Member 1083901 on 1/12/12
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Captain Jack

Stalled diet - ideas for a jump start?

Kerra was once over 22lbs. She was 4 years old at the time. She's been on a serious diet for a little over a year now, and she's stalled out loosing…

ASKED BY Captain Jack on 8/2/10
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Emmett Brown

Cat moving clothes?

I have no idea why Emmett is doing this, but he keeps going into the dresser/ closets and pulling out only his human Dad's shirts! This morning…

ASKED BY Emmett Brown on 10/13/09
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