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Why does my kitten steal food?! She gets really vicious over it. Help?

My kitten is nine months old and is really vicious about food. If you try to give her a treat she takes half your fingers off. She steals from our…

ASKED BY Member 1244538 on 4/1/15
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How can I stop my cat from stealing food from my son's plate?

Beau is approximately five months old, and is a food thief. We keep food in the kitchen secured away from our two young cats, but Beau steals right…

ASKED BY Beau on 12/16/13
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My cat puts stuff in his?

MY cat steals random things from me; I.e; Hair ties, sunglasses. and puts them directly into his water dish and cries til i take them out; then once i…

ASKED BY Zombie; on 3/9/12
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How do I stop my cat stealing food from my plate?

My kitten Lottie is 5 months old, we have a n older cat Vince who is two years old. Vince has always meowed for food whenever you go in the kitchen…

ASKED BY Member 1083901 on 1/12/12
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Captain Jack

Stalled diet - ideas for a jump start?

Kerra was once over 22lbs. She was 4 years old at the time. She's been on a serious diet for a little over a year now, and she's stalled out loosing…

ASKED BY Captain Jack on 8/2/10
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Emmett Brown

Cat moving clothes?

I have no idea why Emmett is doing this, but he keeps going into the dresser/ closets and pulling out only his human Dad's shirts! This morning…

ASKED BY Emmett Brown on 10/13/09
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