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First time here, question about my cats ulcer like sores?

I am really worried at the moment. I was scratching my cat Dodger under his neck and noticed these ulcer looking things. They do not seem to be…

ASKED BY Member 1118655 on 7/2/12
TAGGED ulcer, ulcers, sores, upper, lip, vet, pain, worried, upset, normal, eating IN Health & Wellness


My cat has patches of fur missing on her tummy,already took to vet but he wasnt sure what it is?

She has dander and has been chasing her tail lile crazy & it has sores fur. The vet gave her a steroid shot and flea treatment even…

ASKED BY Cinnamon on 1/15/12
TAGGED patches, fur, sores, sneezing IN Health & Wellness


Noticed today that my cat Camelot has a small sore near his ear, what could it be?

From the look of the sore, it seems that my Cat has been scratching it and looks like it could be infected. Unfortunately I am unable to get to a…

ASKED BY Camelot on 7/3/11
TAGGED cat, sores IN Skin Problems


My cat has sores on her neck and back, and is throwing up for 3 days now, what is wrong ?

I took my cat to get her annual shots 2 weeks ago, and now she keeps throwing up her food, and has some sore patches on her tail, back and neck…

ASKED BY moose on 10/11/10
TAGGED sick, throwup, sores IN Illness & Disease

Ozzy Joe

Heal bad flea sores in a longhair, especially around the head and neck?

I recently got the worst end of a flea infestion in our home. We seem to be finally free of them, but I am covered in large, scaly sores that are very…

ASKED BY Ozzy Joe on 9/17/10
TAGGED flea, sores, longhair, cat, heal IN Skin Problems

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