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I have a 4 month old who's not socializing, I got bad advice which turned the cat aggressive. Can I regain his trust?

He was adopted from a shelter and was a stray that experienced very little human interaction and i have the feeling that all his experiences have been…

ASKED BY Member 1181280 on 7/19/13
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Should I wait to get another cat until my current cat gets settled in?

I plan on moving before to long to another house. I would love to adopt another cat. Should I wait until my cat now gets settled in and completely…

ASKED BY Member 1022913 on 2/11/11
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My little Ollie isn't loving us?

My little one Ollie is about 12 weeks and doesn't like to be touched, picked up, or fed treats. He doesn't show the signs of affection that his…

ASKED BY Bean on 6/26/10
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My older cat hisses and growls at my other cat when he tries to play, but he won't leave her alone no matter what?

I have asked a quest. like this before, and have tried to find more info and even spoke w/the vet, but my 1st kitty, who is just over a year…

ASKED BY Indiana Angel Cat on 8/7/09
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