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My new cat (who is also my first pet) is extremely shy - am I approaching her properly?

I have had Olive (adult, female English shorthair mix) for about 2 months. I had to move apartments about a month ago. I adopted Olive from a local…

ASKED BY Member 1235893 on 10/18/14
TAGGED shy, fearful, skittish, scared, hiding IN Fears & Phobias

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Bluebell My Cat Issues She does not come when called She rarely sits on my lap?

Bluebell My Cat Issues She does not come when called She rarely sits on my lap. She will be loving and sleep on my lap and rub her head on my…

ASKED BY Member 1215454 on 3/11/14
TAGGED loving, food, skittish IN Behavior & Training


How to give a skittish cat medication? I just can't catch him?

I have two cats. The first and oldest is Diego, a very loving and affectionate guy with no socialization issues. The slightly younger cat, Dewey, is…

ASKED BY Diego on 10/17/13
TAGGED skittish, medication, fleas, howto IN Behavior & Training

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My cat is acting very strange lately what could be the cause?

My two year old cat Sully has recently been acting strange, while hes never been overly friendly like his brother Broly who will approach anyone and…

ASKED BY Member 1181920 on 7/23/13
TAGGED skittish, cat, urine IN Illness & Disease

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Skittish Cat?

My cat is 6-7 years old, she has been with us for about 9 monts now and settled in extremely well, but recently within the last 4 weeks she has become…

ASKED BY Member 1141118 on 11/17/12
TAGGED skittish IN Behavior & Training

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I just adopted a broken skittish 1 year old cat?

I have a 1 year old grey tabby.. we just adopted her from our local ASPCA, and she's great with us when were laying down, but we get up and she bolts…

ASKED BY Member 1140566 on 11/13/12
TAGGED skittish, adoption, brokenkitten IN Other Behavior & Training


My younger cat is so mean! Help! I've been taking care of cats most of my life, I can normally deal with this?

I have a three year old named Jack who is sweet and mild manner. But I also have Tyger.... Tyger is 1 and 1/2 years old now, and a terror…

ASKED BY Jack-Jack on 7/26/11
TAGGED agression, skittish IN Methods of Training

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How can I get my cat to hang out in the rest of my apartment? Would it be a bad idea to try locking her out of my room?

I adopted Avery, a five year old British Blue from a breeder about a month ago. She has had several litters but I was told that she wasn't very…

ASKED BY Member 1032319 on 4/29/11
TAGGED scared, skittish, room IN Socialization

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