2yr old cat losing weight, chances of hyperthyroidism?

2yr old calico, former picky eater, has developed a huge appertite yet is losing weight. Last month her eye was bleeding and we thought another kitten…

ASKED BY Calypso on 1/17/14
TAGGED skinny, weightloss, thyroid, hyperthyroid, hyperthyroidism IN Health & Wellness


What should I feed my 8 week old kitten I rescued?

I am currently feeding Kiki Meow Mix for kittens and little cans of wet food. Is that nutritional for a kitten? She's really skinny so I'm trying to…

ASKED BY Kiki on 6/16/13
TAGGED food, skinny, hungry, meowmix, wetfood IN Pet Food

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Why does my cat pull out her fur on her tummy and on both lower legs? She has bad poops and I have no money to go to vet?

I know that many people have answered these kinds of questions before. Firsts I'd like to say that my cat doesn't have worms. We have already had that…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED food, pull, out, fur, hair, skinny, small, slender, cat, kitten, female, stress, poop, smell, bad, squirts, liquid, loud, meow, cries, cry, moving, licking, over, grooming, hates, picked, up, diet IN Illness & Disease

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My CAT is very skinny and old, and even though she can eat she's wobbly and thin, is there anything I can do to help?

I know my cat is very old, stone deaf, and quite wobbly on all fours, but I can't stand putting her to sleep,she can still eat but it can't seem to…

ASKED BY Member 1132189 on 9/23/12
TAGGED cat, pain, wobbly, skinny, thin, help IN Illness & Disease


Is my kitten too skinny?

Is my kitten too skinny? She is a siamese mix and about $ months old. I can feel her spine when she is curled up and her hip bones. She doesn't look…

ASKED BY Puar on 6/21/12
TAGGED wieghtskinnykitten IN Other Health & Wellness

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My husbands cat is wasting away no matter what we do but he isn't in pain, should we have him put to sleep?

My husbands cat is a 17 year old longhaired Tabby/Manx... about 6 months ago he began drinking endless amounts of water, sometimes to the point…

ASKED BY Member 1113338 on 5/30/12
TAGGED oldcat, skinny, noteating, notdrinking, notwalking, wobbly, euthanasia IN Health & Wellness

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My cat has lost a significant amount of weight after her kittens were born and her hair is alot thinner?

My 2 year old cat had kittens 3 months ago. She was always small, but now she is so skinny you can see her bones. We still have one of the kittens and…

ASKED BY Member 1110739 on 5/18/12
TAGGED skinny, female, thinninghair IN Health & Wellness

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My cat is nearly ten and i only just found him after he ran away 4 months ago how do i fatten him up without diarhia?

well 4 months ago my cat ran away and i found him a few days ago, he is so skinny ,and he is pooing alot and its very runny. what can i feed him ,he…

ASKED BY Member 1039830 on 7/5/11
TAGGED fattenmyskinnycat IN Other Food & Nutrition

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