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My 7 month old kitten has been vomiting the past few days...loss of appetite.…

My 7 month old kitten started vomiting her food a few days ago... I believed it was due to eating too much too quickly or maybe due to the hot to cold…

ASKED BY Member 1238337 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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I just got a kitten and in the corner of her eyes is this white stuff that i'm not able to wipe off. What should i do?

I took in a kitten so it would die in the cold this winter and i've only had her for about 2 days now and she doesn't play at all, she just slowly…

ASKED BY Member 1236332 on 10/26/14
TAGGED kittens, sick, eyes, toys, bath IN Adoption & Rescue

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Does anyone have any ideas whats wrong with my cat? hes sick and nobody can figure out why?

hes 6 months old, and last week, I noticed that he wasn't eating or going to the bathroom, and was just kinda, laying around, and had no energy at…

ASKED BY Member 1234505 on 9/24/14
TAGGED cat, sick, fever, mystery IN Health & Wellness

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Is my cat sick or just in pain?

My cat has been drooling alot recently which isn't normal for him. When I looked in his mouth I found a small puncture wound,like he bit his tongue. I…

ASKED BY Member 1234014 on 9/14/14
TAGGED drooling, sick IN Illness & Disease

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Kitten throwing up and restless?

My kitten is 6 weeks old. I'm not sure if the kitten is a boy or girl yet but I've been addressing her as a girl. We've had her and her sibling for…

ASKED BY Member 1231301 on 8/7/14
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My kitty needs surgery! Please Help?

Please, help my poor Baby Kitty. She needs expensive surgery for pyometra!

ASKED BY Polly on 5/23/14
TAGGED surgery, sick, pyometra, kitten, kittens, calico, sweet, baby IN Health & Wellness

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Both cats vomiting?

I have 2 indoor cats. Over the past few weeks we noticed that we were finding cat vomit quite frequently. It's not an every day thing but at least…

ASKED BY Member 1224319 on 5/1/14
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Cat started stumbling and wobbling while walking. Almost 18 but seems young for age & always been healthy. Please help?

My girlfriend and I have a Calico cat (not sure what breed, but she is a small cat). She has been healthy her whole life other than a stomach lump…

ASKED BY Member 1220856 on 4/7/14
TAGGED stumbling, health, wobbling, sneezing, sick IN Health & Wellness

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