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My cat uses and sleeps in his litter box. Then he will come in and deposit feces on a bed or by a door. Suggestions?

We inherited this cat from mom. He never fit in the already cat &dog family and marked as well as urinated and pooped on beds and other soft areas…

ASKED BY Member 1146217 on 12/21/12
TAGGED overweight, bathroom, adopted, shy IN Behavior & Training

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New shelter cat. Shy, wont come out. How do I help him love us? Let him pet us?

So.... Today my husband and I got a new cat. A Himalayan-Persian mix. Lucca (what we named him), before we adopted him was given to a person who…

ASKED BY Member 1139409 on 11/6/12
TAGGED shy, wontletuspet IN Adoption & Rescue

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My new black cat, Squirrel, is 2-3 yo. He has long hair, but it lays flat against his body and his tail is not bushy?

but hangs down under his tail. He also has med-dark charcoal hair under his armpits...adorable. Any ideas on possible breeds?

ASKED BY Member 1119472 on 7/7/12
TAGGED blackcat, differentcolorarmpithair, longflathair, notbushy IN Breeds

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How long should it take for my 6mos old kitten to adjust to new roommate?

Yesterday my old roommate returned after being out of country since before I adopted Zoey, she is a very well socialized, friendly kitten that…

ASKED BY Member 1077347 on 12/13/11
TAGGED newroommate, kitten, shyness IN Socialization


What to do with a mean, antisocial cat?

My husband’s grandmother died and she had two cats-one as sweet as can be and the other notorious for hissing at all visitors. Well, the sweet cat…

ASKED BY Felix on 7/23/11
TAGGED antisocial, mean, aggressive, shy, male, declawed IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why is my male cat so mean towards everyone but me?

Five years ago I found a very skinny kitten,in terrible shape. Now a grown very large cat, he is not social at all to no one in the house but me. I…

ASKED BY Member 1041326 on 7/17/11
TAGGED howdoitrainmyshycat IN Behavior & Training

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How do I socialize my two year old omestic cat?

I just got a two year old house cat from an owner who did not want her anymore. She has formed a weak bond with me and still often tries to get away…

ASKED BY Member 1034906 on 5/24/11
TAGGED afraid, shy, newcat, scared, adopted IN Methods of Training

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My cat is very shy and he wont let anyone touch him HELP?

My persian kitten is very shy and he won't let any one touch him.We have had him for about 10 mounths now.I really don't understand why this has…

ASKED BY Member 1030289 on 4/12/11
TAGGED persian, shy, mounths, help IN Behavior & Training

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