Baby Mew Mew

How do I get a new cat to adjust to shavings instead of litter?

I actually use wood shavings (approved as litter, of course) instead of cat litter, because I hate the smell and dust. How do I get a new cat to…

ASKED BY Baby Mew Mew on 9/18/09
TAGGED litter, shavings, kitty IN Methods of Training

Nibs ~*~Rainbow Bridge~*~

Shaving a kitty's nether region?

i know i have been asking alot of questions, but you guys are amazing with the help you give :) now onto my question, Nibs is paralyzed in his back…

ASKED BY Nibs ~*~Rainbow Bridge~*~ on 3/27/09
TAGGED shaving, grooming, paralyzed, scared IN Products & Tools