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My cats got into a fight?

Sylvester seems to be fairly okay although his one ear is red and irritated looking and a couple scratches. More worried about Greyson, who has an eye…

ASKED BY Member 1208749 on 1/10/14
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Why do people get on a website to ask what they should do when their cat should CLEARLY already have been to the vet?

SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!!! This is a site for people who LOVE their cats, right?! If your cat is sicker than you would allow yourself to be…

ASKED BY Member 796903 on 1/29/09
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2 month old kitten on meds for feline herpes won't eat?

I've had him for 5 days. I took him to the vet yesterday. He won't eat anything or drink anything. I am giving him meds from the doctor including…

ASKED BY Member 769827 on 11/18/08
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