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My three year old cat suddenly attacked my calf earlier while i was dying my hair. Could it be the smell of the ammonia?

He's very affectionate towards myself and my other cat, so i was very concerned. He's also been pooping in the bathtub if i'm not home for extended…

ASKED BY Member 1240788 on 1/14/15
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I have a 14 yr old cat whom I am very attached to. I have had her since she was 3 months old and we have been together e?

Kitty and I have a very close bond. We were together before even my wife and I were together. Kitty lets me get away with a lot compared to any…

ASKED BY Kitty on 11/23/13
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Re-Introducing Kittens?

My kittens are from the same litter, both female. They are around 3 months. They were seperated for around one month. When I brought them back…

ASKED BY Member 1183126 on 7/30/13
TAGGED kittens, introducing, behavior, hissing, fights, sisters, seperation IN Kittens

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I'm thinking of rescuing a male cat from the shelter, but our Grandmother believes the cat here now will spray?

Our Grandma has the notion that if the only other cat in the house 'Duchess' even gets a whiff of a new cat-she'll start urinating all around the…

ASKED BY Member 1143329 on 12/2/12
TAGGED cat, male, seperation, introduction, female, urinate, adoption, help IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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How do I stop the new younger cat stop bothering the older sick cat?

I have a 16 year old cat who is very sick from Chronic Liver Failure, Kitty. She was very bad at one point and I live alone so I adopted a year old…

ASKED BY Member 1115733 on 6/14/12
TAGGED cat, hissing, bothering, fighting, seperation IN Aggression


Did we give our cat seperation issues?

We went on vacation for 11 days and we kenneled our dog and left our cat home with a neighbor to feed/groom/watch him. We got home a few days ago…

ASKED BY George on 7/29/11
TAGGED seperation, anxiety, why, areyou, reading, these, tags IN Separation Anxiety

Smokie Boo Dreamboat #104b

Worried about seperation anxiety?

My husband and I are planning a vacation for a week and driving down to South Carolina. I have engaged a cat sitter I know very well to come twice a…

ASKED BY Smokie Boo Dreamboat #104b on 8/18/10
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I'm trying to integrate a newly adopted cat with seeration anxiety into a home with a resident cat?

I recently adopted a cat, who has seperation anxiety and will cry as soon as he leaves my room and I am not there. I've been spending more time…

ASKED BY Member 994767 on 7/1/10
TAGGED seperationanxiety, socialization, children, integratingcats, moving IN Socialization

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